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Exclamation Miranda IM 0.4 RC2

Vom populären Messenger, der für so gut wie alle bekannten Protokolle gebrauchbar ist (ICQ, IRC, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Jabber), wurde nun RC2 der Version 0.4 veröffentlicht.


* Database and contact list control moved to plugins
* Relative paths for icons, sounds, and contact list background
* Scroll through past messages with ctrl+up/dn in message window
* New idle module to handle autoaway and protocol idleness
* Pin to desktop option in Window options
* Dim idle contacts option
* Use windows colours option for contact list
* New status bar options (hide bevel, hide gripper)
* Database I/O improvements
* Option to hide vertical scroll bar
* Opening a URL blocked I/O
* AIM: Show mobile users as 'on the phone'
* MSN: Sending/receiving avatar support
* MSN: Peer to peer support
* IRC: DCC filetransfers and Chats
* IRC: Reversed filetransfers
* IRC: Send-ahead support
* IRC: Incoming TDCC support
* IRC: CTCP support (all the usual commands)
* IRC: Configurable quit message
* IRC: Option to show addresses in joins/quits etc
* IRC: Formatting of outgoing text
* IRC: Optional SSL support
* Bug fixes