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Exclamation FAQ (english)

How can i adjust the look of the Widget?

Just use the CSS-Class "wGallery" to alter the ul- or li-tags.

How can i get only the images of one/some categories?

Use the category-option include or exclude and enter the id's separated by comma
in the options of the widget.
Using include or exlcude causes more sql-queries and is slower than the base function.
You should only use it if you're blog doesn't have to much traffic and/or your
host can handle it

Why doesn't the images link to the parent article?

This option actually only works with "category-option" set to include or exclude.

Is it possible to show the images at any position in the theme (not only as widget)?

These functions are depreciated and will be deactivated soon, please use the object/methods, see below!

Yes, you can use the following code to include the images:

<?php if ( function_exists(get_attached_images) ) : ?>
echo get_attached_images(maximages, [latest|random], [old|direct], css-class); ?>
endif; ?>
for instance, 5 random images:
<?php if ( function_exists(get_attached_images) ) : ?>
echo get_attached_images(5'random'); ?>
endif; ?>
latest 7 images of the categories 1, 2 and 5, only 1 image per post/link to article (css: wGallery, relation: lightbox):
<?php if ( function_exists(get_attached_images) ) : ?>
echo get_attached_images_by_categories(7'latest''1,2,5''include''article''wGallery''lightbox''yes'); ?>
endif; ?>
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