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Question Uncompressed files?

Hi, and thanks again for the plugin.

I'm trying to improve my blog's slow page load time. I ran it through the Speed Report tool at WebsiteOptimization.com, and the "Page Objects" section of the results included the following lines:

Size: 19472
Type: Script
URL: cheekandbluster.com ... /floatbox/floatbox.js?ver=1.2.5
Comments: Header size = 365 bytes; Up to 12549 bytes could have been saved through compression.

Size: 5788
Type: CSS
URL: cheekandbluster.com/.../floatbox/floatbox.css?ver=1.2.5
Comments: Header size = 350 bytes; Up to 4095 bytes could have been saved through compression.
Regarding floatbox.css, I guess it just means that the file would be about 5Kb smaller if I took out the blank lines, and took out the line breaks in the declaration groups?

Regarding floatbox.js, I don't know anything about javascript so I don't know what they mean by compression.

Maybe you are already aware of these compression/file-size questions. Or maybe I'm worrying about the wrong thing, and the 18kb they say could be trimmed from the floatbox plugin wouldn't make my site load much faster, I don't know. I thought I'd let you know about it, and you can advise me whether it's important enough to bother with.

Thanks again for the plugin, I really like it.

Los Angeles