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Alt 15. February 2011, 01:50
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Floatbox only starting on second click

Hi guys (and girls),

first I am German, so please apologize my bad English. :-)

I am creating a wordpress page right now and have some trouble with the floatbox plugin.
I use the dandelion template from themeforest, this template includes a gallery-style portfolio which forces all images to load in a lightbox.
I wanted to create a gallery with swf-links and use floatbox for that.
However, I managed to change the portfolio-setter.js to load floatbox instead of lightbox and everything is working except for one thing:

The first time I click on an image the swf loads fullscreen in the same window, if I go back and click on the same image again or on another one it loads correctly in the floatbox.
I guess the second click works because the first "miss" starts floatbox.

It would be great if the first click could get the job done!
Do you have any idea what is wrong?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Best regards,