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WordPress: Gallery Widget WordPress-Plugin zum Anzeigen der neusten/zufälligen Bilder der “Builtin Gallery” in Wordpress via Widget in der Sidebar oder direkt im Template mit der PHP-Funktion (Link: Gallery Widget)...

Alt 10. May 2012, 21:40
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Mosaic of pictures instead of a list of pictures


Nice little plugin I have been using for a long time now (thanks!).

Just a suggestion: it would be nice to display the pictures as a grid or mosaic, i.e. 2 x 2 pictures, instead of a list. It seems feasible to code*, but it would be nice if this could be added as an option in the plugin.

Also, how could I rotate the images every x seconds ? I know it isn't in the plugin, but is it feasible?


* I'm thinking of floating the li HTML markup and add a clearfloat at the end of the widget div.
Alt 12. May 2012, 21:44
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AW: Mosaic of pictures instead of a list of pictures

1. as anything like this could easily be done using css (floating li-element and a fixed width of the surrounding element) i don't see any reason to include an option in the plugin (like using multiple lists)... but if there is someone writing that bit of code, i'll include it in the plugin...

2. could be done using javascript... there are many slider/rotating tutorials and scripts that could be adapted...
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