Alt 16. July 2005, 12:05
the max
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Question to dark?!

i just downloaded the nali chronicles mod but:
in direct 3d its slow. very slow. so slow i cant play it (1 frame all 10 sec.)
so i switched to glide and now its so dark i hardly can play it, too.
i turned the brightness level to max but there was no effect.
thats a mess because the mod is said to be very good.
my system cant be blamed: UT and all mods should run fast on a 1,5 ghz
pc with 256 mb ram and a geeforce 2 with 64 mb
so if anyone had the same problem or does know how to fix it please help me...

tanks a lot!!!
Alt 16. July 2005, 21:11
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nali chronicles mod =to ????


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