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WordPress: Floatbox Plus Dieses Plugin integriert Floatbox (ein Javascript wie Lightview/box) in WordPress, alle Vorschaubilder mit Link zum Bilder werden automatisch zur Nutzung von Floatbox umgeschrieben (Link: Floatbox Plus)...

Alt 8. April 2011, 13:46
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Unhappy Floatbox not lightboxing images contained within custom fields

I've included custom fields, using simple fields http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-fields/ for my clients site.
These custom fields are repeatable and dynamic, and are used to created a editable image structure for each post.
The thing is, Floatbox plus only recognises posts within the standard post content window, i tested this and it works there, but not on images inserted into the custom fields.

How can I get floatbox plus to recognise images within any field in a post?

Alt 13. April 2011, 19:58
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AW: Floatbox not lightboxing images contained within custom fields

you could try "filter" the content of the custom fields (using the method "change_content" of the floatbox plus object) or you could change the image links directly: http://randomous.com/floatbox/instructions .
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